Budget Transparency Report: Operating Expenditures School District: Hanley International Academy (82986)
Fiscal Year: 2016-2017
Fund: General Fund (11)

Operating Expenditures

Instructional Expenditures (1xx,293) $3,282,087 51.55 %

Pupil Support Services (21x) $127,799 2.01 %

Instructional Staff Support Services (22x) $74,267 1.17 %

General Administration (23x) $754,761 11.85 %

School Administration (24x) $537,302 8.44 %

Business Services (25x) $24,146 0.38 %

Operations and Maintenance (26x) $493,481 7.75 %

Transportation (27x) $16,444 0.26 %

Central & Other Support Services (28x, 291,292,295,299) $241,117 3.79 %

Total Current Operating Expenditures $5,551,404 87.20 %

Remaining Expenditures

Community Services (3xx) $13,072 0.21 %

Facilities Acquisitions (45x), Debt Service (51x) and Capital Outlay $22,132 0.35 %

Other Transactions (41x-44x, 49x) $0 0.00 %

Fund Modification (6xx) $780,045 12.25 %

Total General Fund Expenditures $6,366,653 100.00 %

*For charting purposes, Remaining Expenditures is defined as function codes 3xx through 6xx.

Report based on district's2017 Financial Information Database (FID) submission.

Caution should be used when using these financial data. Sound conclusions can only be drawn when the data elements are used in proper context. The operational expenditure costs reported to the charts above are based on function codes as submitted to the Financial Information Database (FID). Districts are required by law (MCL 380.1281) to follow a common chart of accounts published as the Michigan Public School Accounting Manual when reporting financial data. Definitions for each of the object codes listed in the charts above may be found in the Manual available at: http://www.michigan.gov/documents/appendix_33974_7.pdf.

Please note that Capital Outlay, an object category, was extracted from functional categories and reported with Facilities Acquisitions and Debt Service.

More district financial information can be found online at https://www.mischooldata.org/DistrictSchoolProfiles/FinancialInformation/FinancialSummary.aspx