Hanley International Academy Application 
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Enrollment Checklist

Thank you for your interest in our school, Hanley International Academy.  We appreciate that you are considering our academy to be entrusted with your child’s education.  We recognize the importance of the decision you are making on behalf of your child’s education and we trust that we are able to meet his/her needs.

The enrollment process

During “Open Enrollment”

Every year Hanley International Academy holds a two (2) week “Open Enrollment” for the upcoming school year.  The two (2) week time frame will be posted on our web site in March of the current school year for the upcoming year.  An Application for Admission Form should be submitted to the school during the “Open Enrollment” period.

If more new applicants apply during “Open Enrollment” than spaces available (per grade level) then all applications will be put into a lottery.  Applications are randomly selected until all spaces have been filled.  The remaining applicants not placed in a class will be placed on a waitlist in the order they are drawn until all the applications have been placed either in a class or on the waiting list.  As openings occur, those on the waiting list will be contacted and offered admission.  If fewer applicants apply than we have spaces available (per grade level) then all applicants are accepted.

After “Open Enrollment”

If you apply after the “Open Enrollment” period, and there are no names on the waitlist for the grade requested, all applicants are accepted in their grade level until that grade is full.  If the grade requested is full at the time of submission, all new applicants will be put on a waitlist until a space becomes available.

If an applicant is applying for enrollment for the current school year please contact us at 313-875-8888 and we will inform you if spaces are available in the grade being requested.  If an opening is available the applicant will be immediately placed in the appropriate class.  If there are no openings you may still complete an application and be put on the waitlist. 

All applicants on the waitlist that did not get admitted to Hanley will be informed of when the enrollment process will begin for the upcoming school year and they may reapply.  A new application must be completed each year a student applies at Hanley until they are officially enrolled.

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